Blood, Bones and Guts….

elegant halloween phantom.

Halloween is here! A perfect time to talk about bones, blood and guts.

Don’t worry; I don’t want to talk about the scary, gory version that pops up on Halloween. I want to talk about the bones, blood and guts that are part of your amazing inner workings.

Most of the time we don’t give much thought to what’s going on inside our bodies because it’s out of sight. Your bones, blood and vital organs are neatly tucked away and hidden beneath your skin (which is your largest organ). But your skin can’t hide everything. In fact a person’s skin actually reveals a lot about their overall health. Dark circles under the eyes, acne, weight gain and bloating are indications of something out of balance within your body. Your moods, the quality of your sleep, cravings and energy levels are indicators as well. If these things are showing up for you, it’s time to think about what you can do to heal yourself from the inside out.

The good news is that your body is an amazing machine that is in a constant state of repair and regeneration. Your body wants to be strong, to move, and to heal itself. It wants to survive. And it can do just that when it is given the proper nutrients and exercise on a consistent basis.

Here are some fun facts about your wonderful machine and things you can do to support it.


Fun fact: Your skeleton, which is made up of 206 bones, will completely renew itself about every ten years (this doesn’t occur at once mind you, but over your lifetime).

Best way to support your skeleton is through proper nutrition and engaging in weight bearing exercises like dancing, running, or strength training (which builds beautiful muscles as well).

Also, pay attention to your hormones. For women in perimenopause or menopause, the hormonal changes in the body have a significant impact to your bones. Bone density becomes a big concern because your bones begin to break down more rapidly than your body can rebuild it. This means weaker and more brittle bones. Eating calcium rich foods and taking a calcium supplement along with the weight bearing exercises is a must.


Fun Fact: Red blood cells, which make up 45% of your blood, are the smallest cells in your body. There are millions of red blood cells in one drop of blood. Your blood is renewed every three to four months.

Best way to support your red blood cells is to incorporate vegetables rich in iron and A & B vitamins – green leafy vegetables, beans and peas. Good animal sources of iron are lean meats, poultry and fish. Oysters are also a rich source of iron and copper as well as vitamin B12.


Fun Fact: The tiny hair like “villi” that are found in the small intestine are vital for absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. There are trillions of villi in the small intestines – around 4000 of these villi will fit on a fingernail. Villi cells regenerate every two to three days.

Best way to support your intestines is to eliminate refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, sugary sodas and juices, and processed foods that are loaded with sugar, salt, MSG and a host of other chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavorings. Support the good bacteria to your gut by including fermented and cultured foods to your diet. A probiotic supplement is a good idea as well.

All health and disease begins with your cells. Take care of your cells so that they can do their job and take care of you.

Final Fun Fact: Your skin completely renews every 28 days.

Just think, if you begin a regime today that consists of providing your cells with the proper nutrition (with food and supplements) and movement through exercise….and you do both of these things consistently, you will not only see but you will also BE a different person in 28 days. Guaranteed!

Happy Halloween!