Love More

On December 4th, I posted on Facebook a recent photo of my mom and me. Along with the photo, I posted the following:


Today is my mom’s birthday. As many of you know she has Alzheimer’s. I got to spend time with her at thanksgiving and I am always grateful for that time. Mostly I was a cousin, or sister or a friend. That’s okay. I’ve learned to be whoever she needs me to be. I still know who she is and will always be…. My Mom.

I’ll be honest. I was nervous about posting something so personal. But I hit post and then it was out there. What I didn’t expect were the responses I received – words of support, sharing of experiences of having loved ones with Alzheimer’s and the outpouring of love from those who personally knew my mom. Each and every “Like,” post or personal message I received brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. I felt like my heart was going to burst from all the love that was coming my way. The message I took from this is simple.

Love More.

There is no cure for my Mom…….but I can love her more.  My hope is she will feel that love and find comfort and peace.

My wish for you this holiday season and for 2015 is that you Love More and in return you are Loved More.