10 Day Tune Up

The Healthy You 10 Day Tune Up program is ideal for those in need of a little tune up and looking for a way to get their health back on track. It’s best described as a mini-cleanse – slower pace than the 5 Day Kick Start, but still yields great results. Most people lose an average of 5-10 pounds (2-5 kilos) and will continue to lose weight if they continue to eat in way that promotes long-term health.

heart2The Benefits

  • Lose 5-10 lbs (2-5 Kilos) especially around your waist
  • Kiss your carb and sugar cravings goodbye
  • Increase your energy during the day (no more afternoon crashes)
  • Have a more restful sleep during the night
  • Build confidence by knowing you can control your cravings and make healthy food choices
  • Achieve a more healthy, glowing complexion from detoxifying and proper nutrition
  • Understand healthy eating, proper nutrition, and what supplements you should be taking
  • Save money on your grocery bill with our healthy, delicious shakes and snack bars
  • Maintain focus in your home life, work and business

It’s time for you to feel like yourself again, feel relieved that you found a solution to something that has been bothering you for years, feel wonderful, proud of yourself…..TRANSFORMED!

Here’s what you get in this fully supported program…

  • 10 Day Tune Up guidebook with step by step instructions to ensure your success
  • 3 – 30 minute one to one coaching sessions by phone
  • 10 full days of yummy meal replacement shakes and nutrition bars (no stimulants, no artificial sweeteners or other junk, and NO hunger)
  • 28 day supply of #1 rated multivitamin in North America (provides important minerals & nutrients we just can’t get in our food)
  • 28 day supply of the #1 rated fish oil in North America (keeps those joints juicy, hair & skin shiny and reduces inflammation)
  • All your products shipped straight to your doorstep
  • Shopping lists & recipes that you can personalize for your tastes so you know exactly what to eat that’s enjoyable and keeps you healthy
  • Create the Body Your Soul Desires eBook by Dr. Karen Wolfe and Dr. Deborah Kern

Here’s what others are saying about the 10 Day Tune Up…

“This programme is a great kick start to developing a healthier way of life and I have incorporated exercise into it, which is toning up the body shape at the same time. Nothing about this programme is depriving –
e.g. there are even carob-covered peanut butter bars to chew on and strawberry-flavoured shakes – it is not all rabbit food and tasteless powder! I would highly recommend this programme as it is a reasonable cost, easy to follow and Tacy’s continual encouragement and knowledgeable instructions make it less of a chore and more of a treat, especially when you begin to see results.” Barbara Ewing, Leatherhead, UK

“I’ve being trying to lose weight for the last 5 years but I didn’t believe in diets. Thanks to the 10 day program I began to feel fit again by making healthier food choices and working out.” M.M. Ascot, UK

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  You have nothing to lose (except maybe a few pounds and inches around your waist) and so much more to gain.
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Combine the 5 Day Kick Start with the 10 Day Tune Up to maximize results and give your body that extra boost it needs.