5 Day Kick Start

The 5 Day Kick Start is a high fiber cleanse designed to reset your metabolism and eliminate your cravings for sugar and other refined carbohydrates. It is not meant to be a quick fix, but you will see results within five days. Most people lose an average of 3-5 pounds (1-3 kilos) and will continue to lose weight if they continue to eat in way that promotes long-term health.

Here’s what you get…

  • 5 Day Kick Start guidebook with step by step instructions to ensure your success
  • 2 – 30 minute one to one coaching sessions by phone
  • 5 full days of yummy meal replacement shakes and nutrition bars (no stimulants, no artificial sweeteners or other junk….and NO hunger)
  • 28 day supply of #1 rated multivitamin in North America (provides important minerals & nutrients we just can’t get in our food)
  • 28 day supply of the #1 rated fish oil in North America (keeps those joints juicy, hair & skin shiny and reduces inflammation)
  • All your products shipped straight to your doorstep
  • Shopping lists & recipes that you can personalize for your tastes so you know exactly what to eat that’s enjoyable and keeps you healthy

heart1This program is for you if…

  • Balance blood sugar and rid the body of toxins
  • You can’t get your sugar cravings under control (and I’m not just talking about chocolate)
  • You have low energy and rely on caffeine and sugar to get you through your day
  • You can’t remember the last time you got a good night’s rest
  • You want to learn how make healthier food choices
  • You need a little kick start to get your mind and body working together again
  • You are ready to FEEL and look better than you have in a long time.

Here’s what Dr. Christiane Northrup writes about this program in her NYT bestseller, Women’s Bodies; Women’s Wisdom:

“Because the program has been scientifically formulated to reset the body’s metabolism quickly and easily, it’s a very convenient and practical way for most people to experience what it feels like to have a normal metabolism with stable blood sugar. What is particularly remarkable is that the first fat to go is that which surrounds the abdomen, typically the most ‘stubborn’ fat to get rid of…. A wide variety of health problems improve when you get your blood sugar and insulin under control. Resetting your metabolism puts you in a much better position to continue eating for health.”

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  You have nothing to lose (except maybe a few pounds and inches around your waist) and so much more to gain.

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