Run Towards the Roar

shutterstock_201709802Be Fearless.  This is the final BE in my five part series – The Five Be’s of Healthy Living. If you missed the first four Be’s, no worries. You can catch up by going to the following links to check out each one.

Be Aware
Be Curious
Be Relentless
Be Consistent

Now for the 5th and final Be in my series……BE FEARLESS.

All of my Be’s are centered around making lifestyle changes in order to improve your health. For most people, making a lifestyle change can feel overwhelming, scary or even impossible. This is fear talking and everyone struggles with it. The reality is that our fears are most often something we’ve conjured up in our heads – it’s perceived, not real. Real or not, fear holds you back from living the life you want to live and that you are meant to live.

So how about we turn fear on its head? Instead of it holding us back, we use it as a guide. If you think about it, fear actually indicates that “thing” we need to do or change we need to make in order to be happier and live a healthier life. Overcoming fear doesn’t have to be instantaneous either. For example, if you decided you wanted to run a marathon, you wouldn’t go out and run 26 miles on your first day of training. You would start slowly and build up to that distance over several months. It’s the same with any lifestyle change; start slowly and take baby steps. Small changes can have powerful results. You just have to make them.

One of my favorite stories about how to overcome fear is an old African teaching story. In the savannahs there are herds of animals that eat their way across the grassland. As they are doing this, the lions hide in the tall grass, waiting for their opportunity to prey upon the grazing animals. In preparation, the hunters send the oldest and weakest members of the pride away from the hunting pack. You see, these old lions have lost much of their speed, strength, and teeth. So as the old lions set off to settle in the grass directly across from the hunting pack, the hunters crouch and wait patiently for the herd to arrive. As the herd enters the grazing area, the old lions begin to roar mightily (they may not be strong hunters anymore, but they still have a mean roar). At the sound of the roaring, the herd panics and blinded by fear, they turn and flee from the seeming source of danger. Rushing wildly in the opposite direction, they run straight to the hunters. You can guess the rest.

A sad end for the herd, but the lesson is clear. To overcome your fears, you’ve gotta “run towards the roar!” Go where you fear to go. It’s safer than you think. It’s where your hope and dreams are waiting. It’s where the magic happens.

Run towards the roar….Be Fearless.